Here are some amazing Videos.

Hope they will enrich your life.

1 Our World is Changing Looking Beyond ‘the 2012’

2 Solar System Shift

3 Super-Flood

4 The 1 Risk To Earth

5 The Coming Solar Cycle(s)

6 The Next Ice Age – An Introduction to a Possible Shift Soon

7 The Sun is Going to Sleep

8 Top 6 Climate Change Problems

9 Why Global Warming Failed: Why Climate Change is Real

10 Scary Yet Beautiful Facts About Space and Us

11 How Big is the Sky

12 Introduction to the Galaxies

13 Introduction to the Life of Stars

14 The Inflation of the Universe

15 Introduction to Earthquakes

16 Introduction to Volcanoes

17 Ring of Fire

I will add some more as time permits. There are many projects that keep me busy. At least I’m busy about the Lord’s work.

How about You???……