#1 Birth Pangs from the Bottomless Pit



Daniel 12:4 [4] But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

God advises us through Daniel that a particular circumstance will occur “at the time of the end,” specifically that “many shall run to and fro,” and, as a result, man’s “knowledge shall be increased.”  Man, in his running to and fro, both across the earth and in space, did, in the twentieth century, accrue more knowledge about the earth than he grasped in the thousands of years from Adam’s creation until the beginning of that century.  The data from hundreds of satellite eyes in space, used in spectrographic color analysis of the earth’s crust, has been allied with seismological data by a worldwide linkage of computer technology to allow man to discover an endless array of facts about the external and internal structure of the earth.  Within the last thirty years man has more than doubled his factual knowledge of the exterior and interior of the earth, yet he has barely scratched the thin outer veneer of the unlimited knowledge of God, as prophesied by Daniel.  This “time of the end” knowledge has begun to unseal many of the prophecies, and to open the “shut up” words of latter day events.

Today, when you look at the tectonic plate structure, found in countless numbers of books today, you see thousands of miles of lines between tectonic plates, which represent cracks in the earth that weave their way erratically down through the earth, eventually making contact with great underground lakes of red-hot melted rock called magma.  These geological faults are not the figment of scientific imagination.  They are no longer based on theory or hypothesis.  They have, within the past hundred years, advanced from hypothesis to theory to fact.  They are tremendous cracks in the crust of the earth that have the full potential to fulfill many of the terrifying events in the book of Revelation.  Because these deep geological faults interconnect, they have separated the outer surface of the earth into vast chunks of crust called tectonic plates.  These plates are usually named for the geographical area that lies atop them, and they are responsible for the earthquake and volcanic activity in these areas.  Just as a ship floats on water, so do these vast pieces of the earths crust float on deep oceans of hot liquid rock.  They float in slightly different to opposite directions at differing speeds.  Movement is perhaps only a few centimeters every year in some zones, but can be several per year in some places, and, at times, can suddenly move several feet in a local area.  They move to produce over ninety-five percent of the world’s earthquake activity, as well as more than ninety percent of the world’s volcanic activity.  Seismic topography, along with horizontal surface and vertical satellite laser beam measurements, has now proven without question that the plates exist and move to produce most of the world’s earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  As the plates of the earth press against one another horizontal and vertical tectonic pressures often freeze vast zones together.  As the plates strain against one another in titanic combat something finally snaps, and they break free in a local area.  This abrupt loosing produces the massive vibrations we identify as an earthquake. 

The Lord indicated “and great earthquakes shall be in divers places” in the last days.  Man, in his running “to and fro,” has now gained the increase in knowledge to understand how earthquakes and volcanoes are produced by God’s creation.  The same Christ, who uttered “and great earthquakes shall be in divers places,” already knew what man was to discover more than 1900 years later.  The prophecy, “and knowledge shall be increased,” was fulfilled in the last century.  The Holy Spirit, who inspired these words of Daniel and all the other prophets, will use his prior creation, the earth, to fulfill these prophecies of earthquake, fire, and brimstone, and he will do it by his own power.  The horrifying scenes of destruction and chaos presented by John in the book of Revelation, and by the Old Testament writers are largely descriptive of a tremendous geological upheaval of the crust of the earth by the power of its Creator.