Welcome      Will You Live Outside the Heavenly City?

Will You Live Outside the Heavenly City?

     This is a study about the last few verses in the Book of Revelation, with regards to the entrance into the Heavenly City. The majority of the "Saved Christians" will most likely not be allowed to enter the Heavenly City as a continual dwelling place, because they place a greater value on the worldly life than the Spiritual Life. The following is a expanded translation based upon an extensive research using the Greek New Testament language, using the definitions of virtually every word in every verse of Scripture. There are no doubt, countless "Saved Christians" throughout this world who live like the devil and yes they will be allowed to enter Heaven, because they have been saved by grace through faith, but because of their life style and lack of correct worship of God, they will not be Judged worthy to enter the "Heavenly City" as an Eternal Home!!!

      And he said unto me: These words and sayings are faithful, trustworthy and true to believe. And the Lord, the One in Supreme Authority, the Controller and Master, Deity; the very exceeding great God of the holy and inspired, set apart prophets, sent His angel to show to His servants the things which must be needful and shortly, in a brief swift space of time be done and come into being. Lo, See, Behold! I am coming quickly, swiftly, without delay, by a sudden surprise. Blessed and supremely fortunate is the one who keeps and maintains the words and sayings of the prophecy of scriptural prediction of this Book and Scroll of Writing. And I, John, saw these things and gave audience. And when I heard, and saw; I fell down to adore and worship before the feet of the angel which did show me these things. Then he said unto me: Take heed, you do not to it, for I am your fellow servant and minister of the same Master and of your brethren, the prophets, who were inspired speakers and of them which keep and maintain the sayings and reason of thoughts of this Book of a Scroll of Writing: adore, do reverence and worship Deity; the very exceeding great God. And he said unto me: Do not seal in secret, the sayings of reason of the prophecy and scriptural prediction of this Book of a Scroll of Writing; for the time or occasion and opportunity is at hand and near in time. The one who is actively morally unjust, let the one be actively morally unjust still further; and the one who is morally dirty and filthy, let the one be morally dirty and filthy still further; and the one who is of equitable character of righteousness, let the one be of equitable character of righteousness still further; and the one who is morally and religiously sacred and holy, let the one be morally and religiously sacred and holy still further.


      And Lo, See, Behold! I appear and am coming suddenly by surprise, quickly, swiftly, without delay and My reward is with Me to give away to everyone in the manner and according as the one's work, toil, acts and deeds shall be lived of one’s personal self. I, the One am Alpha, the First and the Beginning and Foremost and the Omega, the End of the uttermost of place or time, the First power and the Last continual ending. Blessed, supremely blessed and fortunate are those who do His commandments, in order that they may have the authority, the right and privilege to the substance of the Tree of Life and may even so arise to enter through the gateway into the walled city. For outside and without the doors, away and forth, are the dogs (the morally impure, backsliders, false teachers, and heretics), and the drug users, sorcerers, and the fornicators, male prostitutes, whoremongers and the murderers and whosoever, everyone, all who have an affection of love and practices of a lie and falsehood. Revelation 22:6-15.