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War Contingency Plan
Every nation has a war contingency plan. And, the smaller the country, the more imperative the requirement for a detailed war contingency evacuation plan. Israel began to formulate, plan, and build her evacuation area in the early fifties. She chose the only reasonable zone, the Negev wilderness. The Negev comprises more than one-third of the total land area of Israel, beginning just north of Beersheva, and extending all the way southward to the Gulf of Aqaba. Why was the Negev the only reasonable area? From the historical prospective, the majority of Israel's major conquerors have come down from the north. Even Nebuchadnezzar, whose great empire began to the east of Israel in Babylonia, first went northwest through southern Syria to eventually attack Israel from the north. Once Israel had signed a peace treaty with Egypt, and then with Jordan, it became evident to her political and military leaders, that they had been correct in selecting the Negev. At present, it appears very unlikely that an attack will be made against Israel from any zone other than the Syria-Lebanon area. Some minister, no one knows who, during the early part of the last century, visited Petra in Jordan, and formed an erroneous opinion, which has become very popular among many teachers of prophecy. Whoever he was, his military training was sadly lacking, for he looked Petra over, and decided it would make a great defensive position for Israel to occupy, that is, if she ever had to flee her homeland. As a graduate of a military academy, and a retiree from the USAF-NSA, I can assure you, Petra is the worst possible place to evacuate the survivors of a successful Arab attack against Israel. I doubt if the one who first advanced this idea actually walked all the way through Petra's narrow northern entrance and then continued to walk out on the vast open plain to the southwest. Petra may have been a great place to defend in biblical times with the weaponry of those days, but it would be impossible to defend today. But there are other compelling reasons why Israel would never flee to Petra. There are no natural water sources in that area, and water collection by its ingenious ancient inhabitants from desert thunderstorms was never able to support a population of more than 20,000. And food production in the soil horizons of this area could never support the evacuation of one-third of Israel's population. It is also a certainty that the modern day occupants of Jordan would not offer to help Israel escape the Antichrist. But the belief that Israel will flee to Petra has become so popularized by many prominent ministers, it makes it very difficult to dissuade most followers of prophetic events. However, the fact that Israel has spent billions and billions of dollars turning the Negev into the most fortified zone on the earth, gives me the growing assurance that this is the place the woman Israel, who is described as going into the wilderness in the 12th Chapter of Revelation, will soon end up for the last three and one-half years of the tribulation period. In the next prophetic update, Lord willing, I will discuss the military developments that turned the Negev into the best prepared evacuation zone in the world.