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The Rise of Islam Out of A Revived Roman Empire



February 25, 2004

The Rise of Islam Out of A Revived Roman Empire!

I remember when Yigal Allon first proposed building a barrier around the West Bank in 1968, and how it never got past the proposal stage in the Knesset.  Well, that was 36 years ago, and now the barrier is about one-quarter finished, and the current estimated time of completion is the end of 2005.  I have lived among the followers of Islam, gone to school with them, and taught them, and I have watched the steady growth and formation of a religious revival among them that I am persuaded will be instrumental in the fulfillment of a lot of end-time prophecies.

I retired from the National Security Agency as a synoptic analyst whose primary function had involved Soviet and Chinese missile launches, nuclear development, and oceanography.  For years I watched the Arab nations playing off the United States and the Soviet Union against one another by seeking favors from them in military assistance, and they, in return, would tell both super powers they were in their camp. When I first arrived in the Middle East in 1952, most of their military hardware had been given to the them by the U.S. and U.S.S.R on what we called the never-never payment plan, and what they did not get from the big two, they got from France and China.  When World War II ended, the Arab nations could not take Barney Fife in a fair fight.  But between 1952 and 1971, when I retired from the USAF-NSA, I watched their massive oil revenues being spent on the very latest military hardware available from France, Germany, the Soviet Union, China, and numerous other nations.   Hal Linsey had published his first book, “The Late Great Planet Earth,” the year before I retired, and, because of my time in the NSA, there were several things he presented, with which I was totally at odds.  I wrote my first book in the middle of the seventies for that specific reason.  I was convinced he had overestimated the future rise of the Soviet Union at the expense of a rapid decline of the United States of America.  He thought the U.S. power would decline after 1970, and a United States of Europe would arise during the eighties to replace us as the new counterbalancing power against the power of the Soviet Union.  And he believed that when the European Common Market increased from six to ten in number, then the antichrist would arise as the eleventh horn in the midst of the ten European nations.  Well, here we are, some 34 years later, with 15 horns of the European Union about to become 25 in number in May, and the United States as the one world power.  There were several areas of his teachings I simply could not accept.  His prophetic teachings have had more effect on preachers and teachers from 1970 to the present that any other writer of this era of time.  At the present time our web site averages about 175 hits a day, but after I put up this Update I expect it to fall by 50 percent because of Hal Linsey’s tremendous popularity with the followers and teachers of prophecy.  I like Mr. Linsey, and, with true candor, I am very pleased he wrote the many books he has published since his first book, even though I disagree with many of his predictions.  I like him because he was the first religious writer with flair, and his style of expressing prophetic events has sold multi-millions of books.  His style of presenting prophetic events with catchy titles awakened much of the world population to the prophetic times in which we are living, for which I am thankful.  His first book was published in May 1970, and I have long since misplaced my copy, but I still have a copy from December, 1972, by which time more than 1,700,000 copies had been sold.  In this book, published by Zondervan, Lindsey stated, on pages 94 & 96, “We believe that the Common Market and the trend toward unification of Europe may well be the beginning of the ten-nation confederation predicted by Daniel and the Book of Revelation.”  And, as to the time that that these nations were to become the powerhouse ten in number, Linsey quoted Dr. Charles Hallstein, saying, “At about 1980 we may expect the great fusion of all economic, military, and political communities to gather into the United States of Europe.” And Hal Linsey said, referring to this quote, “Hallstein cited 1980. The timetable may be accelerated.”  But my problem with Linsey’s teachings has never involved arguments about timing of events.  It has been about what part of the old revived Roman Empire will see the rise of the ten-nations.  All prophetic teachers have been wrong about the timing of events in the past, and we will continue to be wrong until the event finally occurs, and then someone will finally be correct.  So, as you read this, if you are a fan of Hal Linsey, don’t think I am picking on him.  I am sure he has changed his mind about some of his early writings, just as I have changed some of mine.  The only person who ever wrote a book and did not have to change his mind about what he wrote as time passed is the Holy Spirit of God, and anyone who never changes his mind about his early prophetic interpretations of Scripture must think he is God.  From 1971 to 2004 I have changed my mind about quite a few of my early beliefs in prophetic interpretation.  How can you ever learn prophetic truth if you are unwilling to change your mind with the passage of time?  On page 112, Linsey clearly identifies antichrist as a Roman Dictator, but are you aware that this teaching has its roots in a single scripture, namely Daniel 9:27, and are you aware that the “he” in Daniel 9:27 was never taught, in any commentary on the Bible, as being the antichrist prior to 1690, but was taught by all before that time, and by most until 1900, to be Christ?  (See Whole Numbered Prophecy Updates 55 to 58, 123B, 123D & 147D).  In 1972, Mr. Linsey, after having stated previously that the creation of the United States of Europe might actually come into existence prior to Dr. Hallstein’s prediction of 1980, went on to say, on page 184, “The United States will not hold its present position of leadership in the western world; financially the future leader will be Western Europe.”  On page 185, he went on to say, “As the United States loses power, Western Europe will be forced to unite and become the standard-bearer of the western world.  Look for the emergence of a United States of Europe composed of ten inner member nations.  The Common Market is laying the groundwork for the political confederation   which will become the mightiest coalition on earth.  It will stop the Communist take-over of the world and will for a short while control both Russia and Red China through the personal genius of the European confederacy.”  Even if you do not agree with my conclusions, please do at least know why I have drawn them.  Most of the prophetically inclined world is still waiting for an antichrist to arise out of Europe as Daniel’s eleventh horn.  After which he will dominate the whole earth as we know it today.  But, not to worry, all believers will be whisked out some seven years before the final battle of Armageddon, and the Jews and all of the unbelievers will be left.  That is the scenario painted by about 85 percent of the TV evangelists and popular prophetic writers of today.   I hope you will at least consider what I believe about this teaching.  Why?  If I am wrong, it will have cost you nothing.  But if I am correct, it could be of considerable use if the 85 percent are wrong.  I searched England and the United States, trying to find how far back the teaching of the first-of-the-week position extended.  I have yet to find a record of anyone who taught it prior to 1742, and I have never found a book that was in print before 1788 that presented it.  (See Prophecy Updates 73D, 74A, 76, 144F & 147D).  I am merely saying that those called mid-tribbers, seventh trump, or last-of-the-weekers, should not be labeled heretics, which a few first-of-the-weekers are prone to do.  Furthermore, I was never able to find a published commentary on the Bible, printed prior to 1690, that indicated antichrist would rule the earth DURING THE LAST SEVEN YEARS of this age. If you do want to know what preachers taught before 1690, concerning the identity of the three “he’s” in Daniel 9:27, please take a look at Special Prophecy Update Number 144A and 147D.  The majority belief that the three “he’s” were Christ did not begin to change rapidly until 1830, and it did not become the minority belief until the arrival of 1900.

Daniel 9:27 – And HE shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week HE shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations HE shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

If you want to accuse me of having changed my mind during the last 40 years concerning what I once believed about prophetic events, I would have to say your charge is valid.  What I discovered, as I studied the Scriptures, comparing them with the teachings on the same subjects by interpreters prior to 1690, 1742, and 1827, shocked me.  It simply amazed me to discover they made more sense than what is being taught by the majority of interpreters of today.

What events do the vast majority of today’s Christians believe will be fulfilled between now and the Second Advent of Christ?

(1)   The Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem before the rapture.

(2)   The antichrist will arise as the eleventh horn among ten European nation horns.

(3)   The rapture of the saints will occur seven years before the Second Advent.

(4)   The saved will not have to go through any of the tribulation period.

(5)   Seven years of tribulation will follow the rapture.

(6)   The antichrist will rule over all of the world, as we know it today, for seven years.

(7)   The antichrist will sign a peace treaty with the Jews, but will then break it by attacking Israel 1260 days before the Second Advent.

The major areas of disagreement that caused me to have written three books are based on what I believe about the following end time events.

(1)    The antichrist will come out the area that includes Lebanon, Syria, extreme southern Turkey, and northern Iraq, most likely out of Syria.  (See Whole Numbered Prophecy Updates 62 to 69).

(2)    The ten toes and ten horns associated with Daniel and Revelation will be Islamic nations out of the southern half of the old revived Roman Empire.  They will be the nations that launch the attack, which starts the last three and one-half years of the tribulation period.  (See Prophecy Updates 46, 47, 50 to 53, 92A. and Whole Numbered Prophecy Updates 71 to 75).                                        

(3)    I do not believe the rapture will occur seven years before the battle of Armageddon.  (See Prophecy Updates 73D, 74A, 76, 78A, 82A, 114A, 115D, 117B, 144A, 144F, & 147D).

(4)    I do not believe Russia and China will attack Israel until the battle of Armageddon.  (This is sprinkled throughout the Prophecy and Birth Pangs Archives).

(5)    I do not believe the Temple will be rebuilt before the return of Jesus Christ.  (Prophecy Update Number 79).

(6)    I do not believe the three “he’s” in Daniel 9:27 refer to antichrist.  (See Prophecy Updates 55 to 58, 123B, 123D, 144A, & 147D).

(7)    I do not believe the antichrist’s empire will dominate the entire world as we know it today.  (See Prophecy Updates 73A, 77, 77A, 77B, 77C, 135A, & Birth Pang Number 33).

You will find a listing of where to find the location of all Prophecy and Birth Pang Updates on Prophecy Update 158C.  You will find a list of Prophecy Update Subject Exposition Series on Prophecy Update Number 159B.  If you will scan through the Prophecy Archives you will find many other line-by-line expositions that give proof of the validity of statements one through seven above, in addition to those listed above in parenthesis.

Many of those who read my updates have never met me.  So, for your sakes, considering all you have read in this update, you could well draw conclusions about me that may not be true.  One of those is this, many have said to me, well, then that means you don’t believe in an imminent return of Christ, you don’t believe he could come at any moment.  But, in all truth, that is not so.  Why?  Because I am not so foolish as to believe I could not be wrong.  So, believe it or not, I look for him to come at any time.  I merely interpret what I believe the Scriptures teach about all the issues involving end time events, of which his coming ranks as the most important of them all.  I will tell you what I expect, knowing I could be wrong, and the decision as to whether or not you believe it is up to you.  I BELIEVE THE ANTICHRIST WILL ATTACK ISRAEL FROM THE NORTH BEFORE 2008, AND, THAT BETWEEN 3 AND 4 YEARS FOLLOWING THE ATTACK, THE RAPTURE WILL OCCUR ON THE SOUNDING OF THE 7TH TRUMPET.  

The same city, that Jesus overlooked when he gave his famous discourse known as the Olivet Discourse, was given some 40 years to repent, but its occupants did not, and Titus destroyed it in 70 A.D.  The same city came back into Jewish hands in June of 1967.  They have already had 36+ years to repent and accept Christ as their Messiah, and they have not.  I BELIEVE THE ATTACK WILL OCCUR BEFORE 2008, AND THAT    MESSIAH WILL RETURN PRIOR TO 2012.  Could all that I have just stated be wrong – CERTAINLY! But now I have plainly stated what I believe, and time will tell!  So, I plan to hope he comes at any minute, while I wait to see if I am right in the timing I have put forward.