June 10, 2003



Since we first began issuing these Updates there is a single point that I have constantly stressed – THE ARRIVAL OF A FALSE PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST IS DIRECTLY TIED TO TERRORIST GROUPS IN ISRAEL, and they, to a large extent, ARE IN THE HANDS OF SYRIA AND IRAN. THEY CAN STOP THEIR ATTACKS AND LET THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY NEGOTIATE A SETTLEMENT WITH ISRAEL, OR THEY CAN CONTINUE THEM AND BE WIPED OUT. This set of circumstances is finally coming to a head in the Middle East, and the rest of this year is going to set the stage for the final false peace to come in. Unless Syria and Iran call off Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigade from their current plan to continue the attacks, none of the three will be left around to call off. I believe Syria, Iran, and the terrorist groups are beginning to recognize this principle. If they fail to call them off, then a false peace will BE FORCED ON THE PALESTINIANS BY ISRAEL – LIKE IT OR NOT! Ariel Sharon is in a tight corner, with his party putting tremendous pressure on him not to accept the Road Map to Peace Plan. Many of the Jewish settlers are up in arms about his allowing the Palestinians to have back most of the West Bank. All he needs is a legitimate excuse to put the full force of the IDF in a massive bloody mopping up of terrorists in all the Palestinian zones. If the terrorist groups continue their activity he will surely do it. From a prospective of what would give Israel the greatest assurance of having a condition of “peace and safety,” I can assure you a FORCED, rather than a NEGOTIATED PEACE, would be the most desirable by far! It is going to go one way or the other before 2005.

I Thessalonians 5:3,4 – For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. [4] But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

Under a FORCED false peace, the Israelis would literally destroy the terrorist groups, quickly finish their 370 mile Security Fence as they swerve inside the “green line” of the West Bank to put some 85 percent of all the Jewish settlements on their side of the fence, then force all the Palestinians to live inside the walls of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and finally say, “Now you have your new Palestine state, but we will control who goes in and out.”

Some two and one-half years ago, in Prophecy Update Number 3, I laid out a Middle East scenario for a false peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. I was sure at that time it would be a FORCED PEACE put on by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, or a NEGOTIATED PEACE brought on by cessation of all terrorist activity. I expected the initial attempt to put a FORCED PEACE on the Palestinians to fail, and it did. But if the current activities of the terrorists do not cease, then the current efforts to reach a NEGOTIATED PEACE will fail. And Sharon’s second attempt at a FORCED PEACE will be successful. The following is taken directly from Prophecy Update Number 3.

“So my advice to those who want to get a feel of when the false peace will come is this: WATCH the terrorist groups. When their actions drop to zero, and stay there for a while, you may rest assured it has been as a result of meetings between the leaders of Syria and Iran, and the leaders of the terrorist groups they sponsor. I don’t pay much attention to any leader of Israel or the Palestinians. The terrorist groups are the key to a false peace in the Middle East. When they grasp that by appearing to cease their activities they will be able, at a later time, to kill many Jews, and drive the rest into the Negev, they will settle down and wait for the surprise attack against Israel from the North. Ariel Sharon may try to put a “forced peace” on the Palestinians before the terrorist groups shut down. This was one of the options considered by his party in the past. But it will not work.”

On March 29, 2002 Ariel Sharon sent the IDF roaring into the West Bank to begin Operation Defensive Shield, and it has virtually destroyed the infrastructure of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah’s al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade, but a few cells can remain active until Iran and Syria call them off for a brief period. Prophecy Update 85C in our Prophecy Archives contains a listing of all our updates up to 85C, and you can find many updates pertaining to Operation Defensive Shield. If the terrorist groups keep flaring up, they will be hit with an IDF fury that will make what has happened to them recently look like a Sunday School picnic, and their continuing to block a false peace will also destroy much of the world opinion that has been credited to the justification of their cause. I don’t believe they will risk being branded as the spoilers of the Bush roadmap to peace plan, but if I am wrong, and they do continue suicide bombings, it will give Israel international justification to wipe them out, and I am sure the IDF will take full advantage of the situation to do it. The recent attacks by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigade are signing their own death warrants.

I am hoping against hope that Iran and Syria, behind closed doors, have been conferring, are still conferring, and will continue to confer with the terrorist groups, until they can convince them of the wisdom in shutting down their activities long enough to lull Israel into believing they finally have achieved a condition of “peace and safety.” There is only one way the Arab nations can drive Israel into the Negev – BY LAUNCHING AN ATTACK THAT CATCHES THEM COMPLETELY BY SURPRISE! And there are only two ways that could happen – WHEN TERRORIST GROUPS IN AND IMMEDIATELY NORTH OF ISRAEL STOP ALL ACTIVITIES AGAINST ISRAELIS, OR WHEN ISRAEL WIPES OUT THE TERRORIST GROUPS AND PUTS A FORCED FALSE PEACE ON THE PALESTINIANS. Either one of these two scenarios will lull Israel into a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY.

When I wrote Prophecy Update Number 3 in 2001, I actually expected what is happening now to happen before the dawning of 2003, but I was about six months too early. The terrorist groups had greater depth in the infrastructures of their overall organization than I anticipated, and it has taken the IDF longer to get them to realize they face extinction if their activities continue. As I stated in a previous update, I have my toes and fingers crossed, hoping they will face reality and cease their attacks for a temporary period of time. If they continue individual suicide bombings, it will be a case where the entire organization is committing suicide, and I think they realize this.

One way or the other, a false peace is coming to Israel. If the terrorist activity stops, it will come by negotiations and the formation of a new internal Palestinian state, where both sides come to an agreement on what the Palestinians receive. However, if the terrorist activity should continue, the terrorist groups will be wiped out, Israel will put as much of the West Bank on their side of the security fence AS THEY THINK IS FAIR, WITHOUT ANY NEGOTIATION, and the Palestinians will have a false peace FORCED ON THEM. THEY WILL ONLY GET WHAT THE ISRAELIS DETERMINE AS FAIR. If you will raise Prophecy Update 85C, you will discover it contains a listing of all Updates up to 85C, and you will find a wealth of information about the Israeli Security Wall now being built around the West Bank, and how it will eventually give Israel a false sense of security.