December 10, 2002

Supplement to the First Prophecy Update of 2001

The “Strategic Dialogue” Continues

Almost two years ago I warned about the beginnings of a “strategic dialogue” that had already begun between Syria, Iran, and Iraq. This was in the first Prophecy Update of 2001, and it is shown below.



The beginnings of a pattern of military unity between Syria, Iran, and Iraq are now emerging in the Mid-East. Iraq recently conducted large-scale military maneuvers on the Syrian border, reportedly by prior agreement with the new President, Bashar Assad. Bashar then made a trip to Iran to hold talks with Iranian President Mohammad Khatami. The talks were described as “a strategic dialogue.” Eventually there will be some form of peace between the Palestinians and Israel. It may be a “forced” peace, but the end result will be an enclosed Palestinian State within the borders of Israel. This will create an impossible situation for Israel. There is no worse military position than to have an enemy within while being attacked from without. I believe it is quite likely that, by the time the year 2003 rolls around, there will have been numerous meetings behind closed doors between the leaders of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon, and I also believe these meetings will eventually result in a consolidated plan to lure Israel into a sense of false security. After which a vicious surprise attack will be launched against Israel from the borders of Syria and Lebanon. It will be the best coordinated attack ever launched against Israel and, with the Palestinians operating from within, it will force Israel into the Negev.


In Prophecy Update Number 3, the third of 2001, I stated clearly: “Some problems do not have a definite controlling factor, and all the factors, both incidental and insignificant, must be given the appropriate weight in making a forecast of the outcome. However, this is not the case in making a determination of when peace will come between Israel and the Palestinians. The controlling factor, which determines when a false peace will come to Israel, rests solely with the terrorist groups that plague her. There can never be a period of peace, even false peace, without the approval of all the terrorist groups. Yassar Arafat cannot control them, nor can any other single Arab leader. The terrorist complex is really controlled by leaders in Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, and Iraq. Until these leaders finally come to the conclusion that the only way Israel can be driven into the Negev is through being lulled into a false sense of security, the terrorist groups will continue to operate, and the killing will continue.” I closed Update Number 3 by stating: “So my advice to those who want to get a feel of when the false peace will come is this: WATCH the terrorist groups. When their actions drop to zero, and stay there for a while, you may rest assured it has been as a result of meetings behind closed doors of the aforementioned nations, and the leaders of the terrorist groups they sponsor. I don’t pay much attention to any leader of Israel or the Palestinians. The terrorist groups are the key to a false peace in the Middle East. When they grasp that by appearing to cease their activities they will be able, at a later time, to kill many Jews, and drive the rest down into the Negev, they will settle down and wait for a surprise attack against Israel from the north. Ariel Sharon may try to put a ‘forced peace’ on the Palestinians before the terrorist groups shut down. This was one of the options considered by his party in the past.” So, I was not surprised when he launched this “forced peace” plan more than a year later in the form of Operation Defensive Shield. In Special Prophecy Update Number 65A I began by declaring it was the “forced peace” plan considered by his party in the past, in 1968 to be specific. It began with the statement: “It appears that Israel is continuing to put into effect the old Yigal Allon “peace with security” plan he introduced in 1968, but which was never put into effect until March 29, 2002.” In Update 65A, I graphically outlined the Seven Steps the plan would be following, and Steps 5, 6, and 7 are still ongoing at the present time. In numerous Updates issued since our first in 2001, I have again and again described the beehive of activity that has been going in many meetings between the leaders and diplomats of the aforementioned countries, regarding a “strategic dialogue.”

I now believe that we are approaching the time when all this “strategic dialogue” will finally result in a temporary cessation of terrorist activity, and the implementation of a “false peace” in 2003. The two countries that exercise the most influence on Israel’s internal terrorist groups, and those along her immediate borders, are Iran and Syria. Iran’s Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi is now conducting a two-day visit to Syria and Lebanon. This is his second visit in six months about the Middle East situation, relating to Iraq and the Palestinians, and their interlocking ties with both. In Syria, He is meeting with President Bashar Assad and Foreign Minister Farouq al-Shara. President Assad stated that: “The strength of the Islamic Republic is accounted for that of the Muslim world.”

In the coming months, I believe you will begin to view the results of the many “closed door” meetings of the past two years between the terrorist groups and sponsoring nations. I believe these results will include the cessation of terrorist activities inside Israel, the return of peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis, and the initial implementation of a peace plan before the end of 2003. But I believe this peace will be as phony as a three-dollar bill. However, Israel will actually believe her great security wall, and mighty military might, will be able to maintain a sort of “forced peace” on the PA. This tremendous confidence in their own abilities, coupled with their secular drift from any form of confidence in the God of Israel, will cause them to drift into a sense of false security brought on by faith in their own ingenuity. When their Islamic enemies are satisfied Israel has fallen prey to their false peace trap, then a vicious Pearl Harbor like attack will suddenly come as a lightning strike from the north, much like the blitzkrieg that swept through the Low Countries into France in 1939. It will be led from the north by Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, and Iranian troops, by Palestinians from within, and with strong logistical support from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and Sudan. I believe this attack is likely to occur at some point in time between 2004 and 2008.