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We broadcast a 30 minute program out of Germany every Sunday morning at 0830 UTC on a frequency of 5.975 MHz. It is on the Voice of Europe, and is called “Remnant of Messiah.” So each time a new election is held in Israel we get queries from Europe and Africa. Additionally, we get calls from across the United States because of the lecture series I have conducted for 21 years. The queries usually involve which candidate I think will win the election. It was not easy to predict the election when Benjamin Netanyahu won. But it was easy to predict his defeat by Ehud Barak, as well as Barak’s recent defeat by Ariel Sharon. The polls were quite definite as to who would win the last two elections. After an election we get even more queries as to whether or not the new leader can bring peace with the Palestinians. I do not mind answering these queries, in fact, I rather enjoy it when I have time to do it. But there is something far more important in the peace process than who is the leader of Israel, and who is the leader of the Palestinians. I retired from the USAF/National Security Agency as a synoptic analyst. When one analyzes anything, it is imperative to advance from what controls the conclusion of the problem being examined. Some problems do not have a definite controlling factor, and all the factors, both incidental and insignificant, must be given the appropriate weight in making a forecast of the outcome. However, this is not the case in making a determination of when peace will come between Israel and the Palestinians. The controlling factor, which determines when a false peace will come to Israel, rests solely with the terrorist groups that plague her. There can never be a period of peace, even false peace, without the approval of all the terrorist groups. Yassar Arafat cannot control the terrorist groups, nor can any other single Arab leader. The terrorist complex of Osama Bin Laden, the Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hisbullah, and Fatah are really controlled by leaders in Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Until these leaders finally come to the conclusion that the only way Israel can be driven into the Negev is by being lulled into a false sense of security, the terrorist groups will continue to operate, and the killing will continue. I believe these terrorist groups will soon realize that if they really want to slaughter Jews by the hundreds of thousands, and drive the rest into the Negev, they will have to lull Israel into a brief period of false peace. When this happens, an agreement will be reached between Israel and the Palestinians. So my advice to those who want to get a feel of when the false peace will come is this: WATCH the terrorist groups. When their actions drop to zero, and stay there for a while, you may rest assured it has been as a result of meetings behind closed doors between the leaders of the aforementioned nations, and the leaders of the terrorist groups they sponsor. I don’t pay much attention to any leader of Israel or the Palestinians. The terrorist groups are the key to a false peace in the Mid-East. When they grasp that by appearing to cease their activities they will be able, at a later time, to kill many Jews, and drive the rest into the Negev, they will settle down and wait for the surprise attack against Israel from the north. Ariel Sharon may try to put a “forced peace” on the Palestinians before the terrorist groups shut down. This was one of the options considered by his party in the past. But it will not work. Watch for a cessation of terrorism. Then, after a brief period of false peace, look for a vicious surprise attack from the north out of Syria.