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Greetings to Everyone viewing this Website.
This project was started on March 5, 2017...

As of January 5, 2017;
I've reached the age of 57, so with this small fact of life, I would like to say:

Having been in churches for the past 50+ years (as my mother began taking me to Baptist churches at a early age), the best way that I have been able to Learn the Word of God is by Subject Preaching.

What I mean, is very simple: it has to do with taking a word or subject and finding all the same words in the Old and/or New Testament. It seems to bring out a better meaning of the topic being Preached, Taught or Presented.

This page has a list of Topics related to:
Preach the Word.

The single goal is to help you understand the Word of God by collecting individual words and words that are grouped together to form a subject.

Each word listed has it's own page. Just click on the word and it will open up to another page, regarding that particular word...

I would like to give a very important message to everyone viewing my Website: 

Don't be like the majority of humanity throughout the course of human history, who fail to spend time in Learning the WORD of GOD...

The most certain Truth of Life is the Fact that everyone will reach the moment of DEATH of the human flesh. Most people spend their entire life focused on the things of the Earth Life and then perhaps they die suddenly or perhaps they die of old age, but most of the time; they have not devoted time in studying the Bible, therefore they are virtually ignorant of the wonders within the WORD of GOD.

Don't you be like the masses of humanity and waste your life on all the things of this Earth Life and fail to devote time in your Life to the Spiritual things associated in the Holy Bible...

Make Yourself Study the WORD of GOD everyday.
Study, study and then study some more.

Over the course of time, you will be amazed at how it all comes together and you will begin to understand the bigger picture.

Don't get frustrated because it sometimes seems hard to understand. Use different resources and change your method of studying as to enrich your Bible Study...

My desire is to add several words as often as possible, as this will help me to learn also... I have been copying these words onto a Word Document, then printing them out so I can focus on the Verses better, as I can read them and when I have other obligations, I can come back to the study.

These type of studies would be a great Bible Study tool for any small group setting... Just an idea for you, if you are a Christian Believer and are in the position to teach others...


Here is the link in which these word have been taken. Be sure to do your own word search study as to increase your Bible knowledge.  http://quod.lib.umich.edu/k/kjv/simple.html








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