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May 6, 2008

I wrote several articles on this subject back in the final 20 years of the last century. Now a request for information from a long standing friend in St. Louis, has led me to again address the validity of a branch of scientific theory with which I disagree. In order to not belabor the subject, or to issue a single Blog of great length, I plan to issue this Blog before noon on Tuesday and a second one this afternoon or evening. I then plan to get off the subject, and on future queries on the “global warming” theory to simply refer back to these two blogs. I consider the theory that man is the primary culprit in the creation of the huge hole in the ozone layer, and the primary villain in the global warming theory, to be the two greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on modern mankind.

Just as the ozone depleting, government grant seeking, scientists of the last century, led the donkey theory of chlorofluorocarbons generated by man, as being the villains chewing up the ozone molecules that make up our vast protective ozone layer, so now they are using the same basic theory, with modifications, which they identify as fact, as the major culprit in global warming. And, since they are scared to death of recent evidence that cooling, rather than warming is occurring, they are now presenting a ‘cover your donkey’ theory until 2020, so as to be able to continue the present grant-getting, money-making, hoax on a gullible world. It is donkey manure to believe man is the primary contributor to what they call ‘global warming.’ They also came up with a clever ‘cover your donkey theory’ when the hole in the ozone layer failed to disappear soon after they said it would. Please read the BBC article by Richard Black, which immediately follows, and then read the article which I first wrote in the mid-eighties, and kept on reissuing it until 2001, when I first put it up on our web site under “Birth Pangs.”

God has created a thick layer of ozone in the earth’s vast stratosphere. If this layer was not there, man would be scorched with ultraviolet radiation, and annihilated from the earth within a few years. Many scientists still cling to the idea that chlorofluorocarbons are breaking down the stratospheric ozone layer. However, the real culprits are the increasing frequencies of volcanic eruptions. Ozone is a form of oxygen that protects man from the sun’s deadly ultraviolet radiation. If this radiation could slip through the ozone layer it would lead to rapid worldwide outbreaks of fast growing skin cancer. A U.S. Geological Survey scientist, Dr. David A. Johnston, missing and presumed dead since the first eruption of Mount Saint Helens, was quoted by Warren E. Leary, and Associated Press science writer as follows:

“Analysis of trapped gas pockets in volcanic and other material indicates molten magmas may contain 20 to 40 times more chlorine than earlier estimates upon which volcanic atmospheric impact had been estimated. This means that the amount of chlorine emitted into the atmosphere could equal more than 100% of the 1975 world production in fluorocarbon chemicals. Johnson said in his report that volcanic explosions powerful enough to penetrate the stratosphere have been occurring about once a year in recent times. These eruptions shoot hydrogen chloride high enough to reach the ozone layer.”

As a scientist, certified to teach chemistry and physics, I was so certain the ozone layer was being depleted by gases blown vertically into it by volcanoes, that I began to teach and write about it in books published in the late seventies and early eighties. I was so firmly convinced of it that I predicted the ozone hole would continue to grow, even after worldwide elimination of chlorofluorocarbon production by man had occurred. In the early eighties they predicted the ozone hole would decline in size by 1985. When it did not, they said it was due to residual effects. But we were assured it would decrease by 1990. When it did not, they said the residual effects were greater than they had thought, but we would see a small decline by 1995. When it did not decline they kept on riding the same old dead horse, and predicted a thinning by 2000. It is still continuing to grow, and now they say it may not decline until 2020. The ozone hole growth since 1979 is as follows: from very small in 1977 to 500,000 cubic kilometers in 1980, to 10,500,000 in 1986, to 22,000,000 in 1992, to 23,500,000 in 1994, to 27,0000,000 in 1999, and to 28,300,000 cubic kilometers in 2000. And still there is no ozone hole over the North Pole, yet 74% of all ozone destroying particles are released in the Northern Hemisphere! But isn’t it strange that most of the world’s volcanoes are located in the Southern Hemisphere, with many of them south of 60 degrees latitude, while only a handful of volcanoes exist north of 60 degrees latitude.

Please allow me to elaborate why man-made CFC gases are not the culprits responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer over the South Pole:

(1) 74% of all man-made CFC’s are released in the Northern hemisphere. The Long-term vertical circulation patterns of the earth in the Northern Hemisphere demand that the first ozone hole should have appeared over the North Pole – it did not!

(2) The CFC gases are heavier than the atmosphere into which they are supposed to be rising, hence they cannot rise to the level of the ozone layer of their own volition.

(3) CFC’s are washed out of the atmosphere by the precipitation cycle of the troposphere before they could reach the ozone layer.

(4) CFC gases, without the direct help of volcanic activity, don’t penetrate the restricting worldwide temperature inversion, which begins well below the ozone layer at the tropopause.

Now, please allow me to exposit why I am confident that volcanic eruptions are responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer over the South Pole:

(1) The rate increase in major eruptions since 1950 is four times greater than at any time in history.

(2) Most vertical eruptions are occurring in the Southern Hemisphere, thereby causing the ozone hole to appear first over the South Pole, rather than the North Pole.

(3) Volcanic eruptions forcefully blow different kinds of ozone depleting gases through the tropopause inversion into the ozone layer, bypassing much of the earth’s circulation and hydrological patterns.

(4) There is an active volcano pouring its depleting gases upward into the center of the ozone hole from time to time – Mount Erebus, which is near the South Pole.

(5) The growth of the ozone hole has been steadily toward the north over the southern tip of South America, where a thick concentration of active volcanoes exists today.

During the latter part of the Tribulation, thousands of volcanic eruptions, like those in Figure 10, will occur along the dashed lines of figure 3. These eruptions will send staggering amounts of hydrogen chloride, nitric oxides, and other ozone depleting gases into the ozone layer. The resultant breaking down of the ozone layer will allow ultraviolet radiation to pour through onto the inhabitants of the earth. These occupants of the final days of Satan’s kingdoms on this planet will be scorched with the great heat of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Yet they still will not repent toward the God of these plagues that physically destroy them. They will understand the processes that are causing it, but they will not recognize that God is doing it.

Most Christian writers of today spend a lot of effort in trying to work the entire modern day arsenal of man into the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. Most make the last day skin plagues attributable to atomic radiation. May I assure you that the ultraviolet and cosmic radiation, which would pour down on the earth’s surface if the ozone layer weakened and the magnetic poles reversed, would be thousands of times deadlier than atomic radiation.

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