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Nuclear Weapons
In future updates, Lord willing, I will be dealing with the use, or non-use, of nuclear weapons during the tribulation period. So, in this update, I will give a brief history of nuclear weapon development by Israel. Israel, in return for her cooperation with France in the 1956 Suez Campaign against Egypt, asked France for a nuclear reactor. The U.S. was opposed to the acquisition, but France, as she usually does, ignored U.S. protests. In 1957 the French, assisted by Israel, began to build an atomic reactor at Dimona in the Negev Wilderness. Israel assured both the U.S. and France she would only use the reactor for the peaceful commercial needs of her people. Of course, all three nations knew full well she would use it to produce an atomic bomb. By 1960 the French finished work on a 24-megawatt reactor at Dimona. In order to develop an atomic bomb, the power must be increased to 120 plus megawatts. So, immediately after the French left, Israel began the process necessary to increase the reactor's power. They eventually got it to produce 150 megawatts. In 1964 they completed their first atomic bomb. I will not discuss or reveal the what, when, where, and how Israel tested her atomic weaponry. In May of 1967 high-level Egyptian over flights of Dimona made Israel very nervous. They were afraid of an Arab air strike against Dimona from three directions. That is the reason for the pre-emptive strikes in June of 1967, when the famous Six Day War began and ended. What is very significant about this is the fact that Israel had a few atomic bombs in position for use, but did not use them. In 1968 about 200 tons of crude uranium (yellowcake) was smuggled into Israel off a Liberian tanker operating from a German port. In 1969 Israel used this material to develop a hydrogen bomb. Perhaps the most significant thing about all this involves Israel's non-use of her nuclear weaponry in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Her enemies made initial quick gains into her territory on all fronts, yet Israel did not use her numerous nuclear weapons. Israel now has hundreds of nuclear warheads. She also has numerous chemical and biological warheads. Many of these nuclear, chemical, and biological warheads are mounted on about 200 to 300 Jericho Missiles in the Negev. Syria, Egypt, and Jordan, and by now probably Iran and Iraq, are very much aware of these missiles and warheads. Spy satellites, launched out of Plesesk and Turatam in the former Soviet Union, watched Israel's development of what has previously been described. The Soviet's shared their intelligence with Syria, Egypt, and Jordan before the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The long and short of all this points to a conclusion that I firmly believe. Israel will not launch nuclear, biological, or chemical warheads against the Arab nations unless they first launch them against her. More about this in the next regular update.