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The woman of Revelation 12:1, pictured as being clothed with the sun, standing on the moon, with a crown of 12 stars, is clearly identified by Joseph's dream in Genesis 37:9-11. Joseph dreams of the sun as representing his father Jacob, who God renamed Israel, and from whose loins came the Nation of Israel. He pictures the moon as being the women who gave birth to the 12 sons of Israel. And the 12 stars are those 12 sons who propagated the Nation of Israel. The woman is definitely the Nation of Israel because this set of symbols appears only in Genesis 37 and Revelation 12, and one interprets the other. This woman, who represents Israel, is pictured as fleeing into "the wilderness" in Revelation 12:6. I have proven, in numerous previous updates, that "the wilderness" is the Negev Wilderness of southern Israel. This is part of the same area where Israel previously wandered for 40 years before being allowed to enter the Promised Land of the Exodus. She will once again be confined in the Negev Wilderness for 1260 days, after having been driven into it by an attack from Syria consisting of a confederation of Islamic nations. We are told in Daniel 11:41 that the King of the North will enter into "the glorious land" of Israel, but that the land of the descendants of Ammon, Moab, and Esau would be by-passed as he pushed Israel into the Negev. If you look on any map showing the areas inhabited by the descendants of these three men in 600 B.C., and then overlay it on a current day map, you will discover all three areas are within the borders of present day Jordan. So Jordan will not be attacked by the Islamic confederation of nations. Why? Because it is of no tactical, political, or geographical advantage to the King of the North. However, Egypt has all three of these advantages vested in the Suez Canal, her ports, and her water supply. So, after by-passing Jordan, and driving Israel into the Negev Wilderness, he will quickly veer to the west and conquer Egypt. More on this in updates to follow. At the recent Arab Summit Meeting, the first one held in a decade, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia failed to concur with some of the boycotts against Israel, which were proposed by their Islamic counterparts. Egypt was also the first bordering Islamic nation to initiate peace with Israel. Egypt, according to Daniel 11:42,43, will pay a price for it when the Islamic hoard, led by Syria, charges across the northern Sinai to conquer her.
I have received several queries concerning present military escalations between the PA and the IDF in Israel, and there seems to be concern that it will develop into a major war between the two opposing forces. And others have expressed a fear that Israel's Arab neighbors might join the conflict. I do not believe there is a good reason for believing that a major war will break out in Israel at this present time. In previous prophecy updates, which you can pull up out of our prophecy archive, especially in update number 2, we have discussed how the PA smuggled in, and then hid, thousands of katyusha rockets in the zone around Tul Karm and Kalkilya. Until you see the PA start to utilize these rockets, there is no need for alarm over the possibility of a major war in the Mid-East. The PA has also smuggled in thousands of shoulder held antitank launchers across the Jordan at night, and below and above the border with Sinai. So far we have only seen active fighting in those areas where these rockets and antitank weapons are not stored. These weapons are being held in reserve for the time that a coordinated attack by Syria, leading several other Arab nations, can be conducted with the Palestinians creating internal chaos in central Israel. I am persuaded it will take at least two to four years for this coordinated sneak attack to be planned. It will require the united effort of all the Arab forces to defeat Israel. And it must include the partnership of all the terrorist groups. They must cease their activities before Israel can be sure the peace will be genuine. It is my opinion that the war of Gog and Magog, found in the 38th and 39th Chapters of Ezekiel, will not occur before 2003, but is likely to occur before 2006.