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Middle East Events
The beginnings of a pattern of military unity between Syria, Iran, and Iraq are now emerging in the Mid-East. Iraq recently conducted large-scale military maneuvers on the Syrian border, reportedly by prior agreement with the new President, Bashar Assad. Bashar then made a trip to Iran to hold talks with Iranian President Mohammad Khatami. The talks were described as “a strategic dialogue.” Eventually there will be some form of peace between the Palestinians and Israel. It may be a “forced” peace, but the end result will be an enclosed Palestinian State within the borders of Israel. This will create an impossible situation for Israel. There is no worse military position than to have an enemy within while being attacked from without. I believe it is quite likely that, by the time the year 2003 rolls around, there will have been numerous meetings behind closed doors between the leaders of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Afghanistan, and Lebanon. I believe that these meetings will eventually result in a consolidated plan to lure Israel into a sense of false security. After which a vicious surprise attack will be launched against Israel from the borders of Syria and Lebanon. It will be the best co-ordinated attack ever launched against Israel and, with the Palestinians operating from within, it will force Israel into the Negev. I suspect this attack may occur at some point in time between 2003 and 2005. I will be reporting events that I consider to be tied either directly or indirectly to biblical prophecies as they occur. There are some interesting things happening in two cities in the extreme western Palestinian territory on the bluffs to the east of the western coastline of Israel. More about this later.