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Lightning Jihad

I have identified, on a number of occasions, the Islamic nations that will eventually attack Israel from the north in a vicious, lightning Jihad, naming a grouping from which they are likely to be drawn.  Three nations who won’t join in this initial attack against Israel, have been moving into their biblically predicted positions since the Yom Kipper War of 1973 – First Egypt, then Jordan, and now Saudi Arabia.

In Prophecy Update Number 11, issued early in 2001, I indicated the growing mistrust of Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia by their fellow Islamic nations.  I continually indicated that their brother Arab countries would not let these three be privy to the behind the scenes secret meetings between the terrorists and their sponsoring Islamic nations, at which plans are developed for the surprise Jihad, which would be launched after a brief period of false peace.  In last years Prophecy Update Number 32, I went into detail to make a scriptural case as to why Saudi Arabia would not join the confederation of Arab nations that eventually drive Israel into the Negev.  Again, in last years Prophecy Update Number 46 I presented a scriptural case to show why Jordan would not join the Islamic federation in their southward plunge.  And, finally, in Prophecy Update Number 50 I presented a scriptural case to prove that Egypt would not be among those that come against Israel in the initial Jihad.

There is still a ways to go before the Biblical false peace comes to Israel, and intense fighting between the Israelis and terrorist groups will continue for awhile, but several factors are presently working in the Middle East that may well allow the Saudi peace proposal of Prophecy Update Number 56A, after concessions on both sides, to bring a false peace to the Middle East.   

There is a growing fear among all the Islamic nations that an all out war will develop between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

They know that the Israelis will make mince meat out of the PA, and then drive them completely out of the West Bank and Gaza.

They also know, after the experiences of three previous wars with Israel, not to get directly involved in the present conflict, particularly with Israel’s big brother, the U.S., on a terror hunting posse, and looking for an opportunity to be justified in the United Nations for blasting them.

And now, the real reason for the Saudi Arabian proposal for peace – They, like all the other Islamic nations, don’t like the Palestinians any more that the Israelis, and they sure don’t want to have them flooding into their countries after they are driven out of the West Bank and Gaza.  They have no desire to become welfare agencies for the troublesome sort of people the Palestinians have shown themselves to be in other countries.

There is a constant threat of more and more of their vast complex of terrorists and associated activities being exposed by the U.S. war on terrorism.

Ariel Sharon is making hay while the sun shines.  I have great admiration for him and for Benjamin Netanyahu.  They have a true picture of the reality of the situation. Sharon has been taking advantage of the U.S. abrupt awaking to terrorism to do a little rat killing on his own.  He has been penetrating into many of the terrorist cities I identified as weapon storage zones in my earliest updates in 2001, which may be found in our archives at the top of this Update.  His objective is to kill or capture as many of the terrorist leaders as possible, and to destroy as many weapon storage zones as he can locate. 

Sharon’s actions are getting the attention of the terrorist groups and their sponsoring nations.  The terrorist war of the U.S. is affecting both the terrorists and the nations that sponsor them.

The terrorist and their sponsoring nations are beginning to see that their objective to drive Israel into the Mediterranean Sea, through terrorism and three wars, has not met with success under the 54 year status quo.  And, for the first time, the status quo is becoming a really severe problem for their economies.  I believe they are about to change the status quo, after much consternation and wrangling, to ride toward the same objective on a different horse – The Saudi peace proposal. 

A false peace, according to the scriptures, MUST come to Israel before the attack from the north.  Of that I am certain!  The initial attack will be by Islamic nations.  Of that I am certain!  Jerusalem will fall, two-thirds of the Israelis will perish in the conflict, and one-third will be driven into the Negev. Of that I am certain! I have previously given the Scriptures that support this in our archives at the top of this update.  But I am not certain that the Saudi peace proposal is the one that will bring in the false peace.  I think it may well be the vessel for peace, but so many others have gone down the drain in the past, that I am certainly not going to stick out my neck on it.  However, I am certainly going to be watching the Arab Summit Meeting this month to see how individual nations react to it, and how it fares overall. 

WATCH THE TERRORIST GROUPS!  When they cease their activities then it will have been as a result of directives from the nations that sponsor them.  Then the lulling of Israel into a false sense of security will begin that leads to a false peace.