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In order to understand why the only type of peace that can occur in Israel must be both false and temporary, one must comprehend the religious promises made to the Islamic martyr in the Koran. Genuine peace can only be bought to Israel at the return of her true Messiah. The Koran is not a lengthy book. It can be read by the average reader in about 18 hours. It is unquestioningly accepted by Muslims to be the infallible word of Allah, as revealed to Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel, some 1400 years ago. Muslims believe it is a transcript of a tablet that is preserved in heaven. It is divided into numerous short sections. In the section titled "The Night Journey," it teaches that Israel has already been scourged twice by the Assyrians and Romans, and that if they again transgress against Allah, they will once again be scourged by a third army, supposedly Islamic. This would be the Jihad (Holy War) sought by Iraq and Iran, and all the Islamic terrorist groups. Under "The Chambers," in the Koran, true believers are identified as those who are willing to fight for the cause of Allah. It is written as follows: "The true believers are those who have faith in Allah and His Apostle and never doubt; and who fight for His cause with their wealth and persons. Such are those whose faith is true." In the Koran, under "Ornaments of Gold," this is the promise to the faithful and all martyrs of the Islamic faith: "But you, My servants, who have believed in my revelations, and surrendered yourselves, shall on that day have nothing to fear, or to regret. Enter Paradise, you and your spouses, in all delight. You shall be served with golden dishes and gold cups. Abiding there forever, you shall find all that your souls desire and all that your eyes rejoice in." The members of the terrorist groups believe this promise of Allah in the Koran, and are more than willing to die in the fight for Allah's cause. This is the basic belief of most Muslims, so the terrorist groups are not having a problem in getting numerous volunteers to die for Allah in suicide bombings. In fact, there is a backlog waiting to die in Allah's cause, and many grow weary in waiting their turn to secure the eternal blessings of Allah. It does not matter what you believe about these promises, it only matters what they believe! The only way the terrorist groups can be satisfied by their homeland leaders, is to be assured that if they hold off their activities for a brief period of time, then a Jihad can successfully be launched against peaceful Israel as a surprise attack. Those dying in this Great Jihad, as the martyrs of Allah, would be ushered eternally into the presence of Allah. The key to peace in Israel rests with the terrorist groups. When they can be assured the end result of their ceasing their activities will be the killing of millions of Jews, and a retaking of their land, then they will stop their attacks, and await the promised Jihad. So WATCH the terrorist groups. When they finally cease their activities, peace will come for a brief period, and will be ended with the sudden launching of a Jihad from Syria. In our next prophecy update we will cover some of the things that would trigger a Jihad.