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In our very first prophetic update, which can be found in our prophetic archives, we showed how the beginning of a pattern of military unity between Syria, Iran, and Iraq was emerging. We also indicated we expected a pattern of ever increasing meetings of Islamic nations, behind closed doors, would begin. These meetings will eventually result in a consolidated attack against Israel at some point after 2003 begins, but before 2006 arrives. I realize this timing is speculative, but at this time it fits the Biblical pattern of end time events, and seems to be the most likely scenario. In Prophecy Update 8A we discussed one of the initial closed door meetings, which occurred at the first Arab Summit Meeting in 10 years. The meeting was held at Amman, Jordan earlier this month. For the first time in 8 years, after a closed door session, Syria and the Palestinians reconciled their differences, and agreed to "reactivate the joint coordination on the basis of a just and comprehensive peace." In Prophecy Update 11A we showed why it will require the united effort of most of the Arab forces to defeat Israel, and that it must include the partnership of all the terrorist groups. In Prophecy Update 12, I used Scripture to prove why Israel must be lulled into a false sense of "peace with security" before she can be defeated. The terrorist groups are under the control of several leaders. These leaders follow the dictates of several Islamic nations, and they must be part of the plan to trick Israel into a feeling of false security. Two of the best known terrorist groups are Hamas, headed by Khaled al-Mashaal, and Hizbullah, headed by Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. Recently, the two groups have been operating independently of each other, seeming vying with each other to see who could gain the greatest terrorist glory in attacks against Israel. Hizbullah's followers are Shiite Muslims, while the Hamas is basically composed of the Sunni branch of the Islamic faith. Hizbullah is based in Beirut, Lebanon, and Hamas is based in Gaza, but they have numerous outreach headquarters. Hamas wants ALL of existing Israel to become an Islamic Republic. Both Hamas and Hizbullah are anxious for the nations of Islam to declare a Jihad (Holy War) against Israel. Recently, Iran, which has the main control over these two groups, issued a call from its terrorist backers in her government, to come and meet with them. They called Khaled and Hassan to Tehran. The purpose of this meeting was to put the two in a cooperative mood, and to instruct them concerning the plans for a future Jihad against Israel. There will be many other sessions, behind closed doors, between the leaders of the Islamic nations before the Jihad begins. Israel must be lulled into a false sense of security before a Jihad can be successful, and it must be well coordinated to insure success. The Arab leaders of the Islamic nations must carefully plan the Jihad, and part of that planning would include the gradual decline of all terrorist activities against Israel. I expect terrorist activities, and many closed door meetings, to continue for the next two years. I do not believe the Jihad will occur before 2003, but I do believe it is likely to occur before 2006.