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Middle East Peace        

Mid-East peace negotiations of one sort or another have been going on for more than ten years.  In the last eight months more than 600 have died in the limited conflict, and thousands of lives have been ruined.  Terrorist act after terrorist act has shattered cease-fire after cease fire.  How long will these situations last?  It will last until the terrorist groups, which are controlled by Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, and the Palestinians, finally realize this type of limited conflict can never drive Israel out of the country north of Beersheva.

Every Arab leader in Islam knows the technological military might of Israel, and sooner or later they will put to use what they learned in three wars against her in 1948, 1967, and 1973.  You cannot defeat Israel if she is in an alert military posture, even if you strike on the Day of Atonement.  To defeat Israel two things must be in place: (1) A well planned, highly coordinated, joint effort between Syria, Iraq, and Iran, plus (2) A cessation of all terrorist activities to maintain what seems to be a genuine peace with Israel.  Israel must be lulled into a false sense of security in order for a joint effort of Syria, Iraq, and Iran to be successful.  Until the Islamic leaders are able to bring this false peace to pass, Israel will remain in place from Dan to Beersheva.

The Jewish people have endured some 2000 years of persecution, a holocaust in Europe, and constant conflict in Israel for more than 60 years.  Their longing for an end of conflict will cause them to believe it is a real peace because they so desperately seek it.  When Syria, Iran, and Iraq can overcome their natural dislike for one another, then Iran and Iraq can slip their troops across the southern border of Syria in small groups at night, where they can remained concealed in the valleys of the Palmyra folds and faults.  This could be accomplished slowly over a years time until several divisions were embedded in the northeast to southwest valleys pointed toward Israel.  After a year without any terrorist activities, I believe Israel would negotiate a joint treaty with the Palestinians and the Syrians, with the Syrians receiving a favorable return of the Golan Heights, and the Palestinians receiving back most of the West Bank, but not the Old City of Jerusalem, or the Temple Mount.

This would be the perfect setting for a surprise attack down the tank trails west of the Golan Heights, with the enemy within, the Palestinians, assisting the southward advance of the armies of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.  In the next prophecy update, Lord willing, we will cover two military strategies that could drive Israel southward into the Negev: (1) Divide and conquer, and (2) Entrap from the south and north, then dig in and hold.